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Subsoiler The Plow Passes Through The Adjustment
Sep 13, 2017

Subsoiler The plow passes through the adjustment

A multi-purpose deep plowing, mainly a plow, is connected to a traction bracket by means of a regulating member, a detachable pair of front plow and a pair of plows, and a plow on the plow Rear rack. The rear frame is constituted by a rear frame main frame and two fixing seats which are movably connected thereto. It is simple in structure, easy to operate, the use of a wide range of functions, can be a multi-purpose machine, both for deep farming or straw field operations, but also for farmland ditch, easy fertilization and sealing operation, but also effectively deep plowing Straw land side, will not stay in arable land. The plow can not only effectively guarantee the quality of farmland deep plowing operations, improve production efficiency, but also equipment investment, saving time, effort, labor. Deep plowing for a long time do not have, there are several points to note, deep plowing equipment should be washed and dried, parked dry noise, safe location. To ensure the reliability of the use of re-use. For a long time do not have to make deep plow accessories are not so flexible and easy to use, deep plow life will be due to improper storage received the impact. Deep plowing the engine at low speed for 5 minutes, after the shutdown to exclude oil, add new oil. Remove the fuel filler bolts on the engine cylinder cover and raise 1 to 2 oil. Hold down the engine decompression handle, pull the recoil starting rope 2 to 3 times (but not the car). And then put the pressure relief handle back to the compressed position, slowly pull the ridge until you feel the pressure so far.

   Deep plowing use, there are often deep plowing machine damage and poor quality of spinning and other issues. Here are two kinds of deep plow in the use of the process often occurs in the error, the player should be noted in the operation. When the work of the knife back soil. Install the blade when the order is required, and pay attention to the direction of rotation of the knife shaft, be sure to do with the knife edge soil, to avoid the knife back soil resistance is too large, poor rotation and damage the mechanical parts, affecting the quality of operations. After installation should be fully checked, and tighten all the nuts.

   In the case of deep plowing, the rotary tiller is forced into the soil or is re-engaged. This method of operation is wrong, should be combined with the power, in the deep plowing at the same time slowly into the deep plow blade. Otherwise it will make the engine overload, or even turn off or damage the parts. It is known from the experiment that the torque at the moment of pressing is almost three times higher than that of the normal slow soil.