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United States Intelligent Harvesting Robot For Vertical Subsoiler And Xinjiang Agriculture Into Intelligent Era
Jul 18, 2016

Recently, the network news in Xinjiang Autonomous Region people's Government, Xinjiang will host "along the way" smart agricultural equipment Exposition. Interview the reporter then contacted the Organizing Committee of the exhibition. It is reported that the show, with the Ministry of Commerce approved, agriculture 5 a-level identification of Xinjiang agricultural fair will be jointly held in Urumqi in August 8-10th, at present there are more than more than 100 agricultural equipment exhibitors, covering 13 countries and regions in the world, exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, mainly intelligent and protective agricultural equipment on display. Among them, the United States Great Plains manufacturing company vertical subsoiler, precision-on-demand machines and other agricultural equipment and Suzhou Bo Tian hoe fruit and vegetable harvesting robot company, intelligent robots concern.

Reporter learned that, for now, still in the traditional mode of farming in most areas in Xinjiang, the job number, surface water evaporation. Excessive tilling the land of soil surface layer fine dust, are prone to high winds and rain caused "sandstorm" and soil erosion.

Agricultural machinery Bureau of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region on agricultural machinery subsoiling 2016 preparation job subsidy notification that, Xinjiang will be finished in the next 3-5 year annual overall task 6.0065 billion acres of deep digging the whole job, play the advantages of agricultural equipment, the implementation of agricultural machinery deep pine roots in land operations, improve quality of arable land.

Experts said, the implementation of deep pine and no-tillage and reduced tillage, conservation agriculture can prevent soil erosion, compared with traditional agriculture, yield up to 9%-34%, is the inevitable trend of agricultural development in Xinjiang.