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Use Wheat Planter And Maintenance Methods
Jul 18, 2016

Usage: wheat planter before the need to check whether the use of farm machinery in good condition. Sowing box can not have debris, clods and weeds can not, tractor and planter hanging holiday horizontal state shall guarantee the rack on the opener. Adjust line spacing and opener depth ditching casing pressure wheel. Seed tank cover seed need to be able to live Seed mouth. When it is determined wheat planter in good condition, you can start planting. If the acreage is large, the pilot should be 20 meters to observe the work of the planter. When sowing, sowing should be horizontal edge of a farm, so as to avoid sowing depth too shallow. Constant speed as much as possible in the process of sowing, to prevent replay drain broadcast.

 Maintenance: After first use wheat planter farm should be cleaned to remove dirt on machinery, oil seeds and fertilizer tank and tank residues. Relax chain, tape and spring, to maintain its natural state, to avoid distortion. The timely replacement of worn opener, gears, chains and other parts. Easy rusty parts should be coated with anti-rust oil. The opener fragmented ground. The machines parked in dry and ventilated storage room. Plastic and rubber parts to avoid the invasion of sunlight and oil, in order to avoid accelerated aging.