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Corn And Soybean Planter

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5 Rows Pneumatc Sweet Corn Planter

5 Rows Pneumatc Sweet Corn Planter

Nonghaha Machinery is one of the largest and best manufacturers and suppliers of quality 5 rows pneumatc sweet corn planter. We have a professional factory which can offer you 5 rows pneumatc sweet corn planter at cheap price. Welcome to buy discount machine with us. And we now have products for...

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Pneumatic Precision Vacuum Planter are modern planting machines that can plant the seeds in a row individually with utmost precision.


1. This pneumatic planting machine ensures minimum seed consumption and optimal product yield. It is possible to plant sunflower, corn, soybean, peanut, watermelon, melon, sugar beets, rape oilseeds, squash, non-fibrous cotton, beans,etc.
2. The fan system on the pneumatic planter provides the vacuum required for the seeds to hold on to the planting plate holes.
3. The planting units consist of major components such as a ploughing foot with adjustable level which scrapes large lumps of soil and dry soil in the front, the seed tank, seed cell, diffusing unit, seed planting axe, covering hoes with adjustable level which cover the seeds once they have been poured into the row, pressure wheel and a cord which adjusts the level of the pressure wheel.




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